Free a Girl USA supports local partner organizations’ local rescue teams. These teams carry out undercover investigations in places where children are exploited in the sex industry. When the evidence is complete, the police are informed, and a joint rescue raid is carried out on the brothel, massage salon or bar in question. By continuing to push and by coming up with new evidence, we keep the issue of sexual exploitation of children high on the agenda and make law enforcement agencies aware of the scale of the problem. 

 The Internet is used in various ways to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children. With the Smart Rescue program, Free a Girl USA focuses on investigating the supply and demand for minors on forums and websites, whereby the actual exploitation takes place at an agreed location (offline).  

The Smart Rescue project complements the work of Free a Girl USA and is adapted to the new working methods and associated technology used by exploiters. Free a Girl USA’s trademark approach – working flexibly and always focusing on action – comes into its own here. In order to rescue children from situations of sexual exploitation, it is essential to focus on online research into supply and demand for children on the Internet, so that we can trace where sexual exploitation is happening and rescue the children.  

Free a Girl USA collects data and processes them using the online “scraping program” we have developed. The data are analyzed and converted into intelligence that can be used for further offline research. Free a Girl USA partners are trained not only to share the information, but also to analyze it themselves. A dashboard is used to make all of the information available to various stakeholders. Free a Girl USA makes the software and training available to local partner organizations, and they use the combined information to set up rescue operations with the local police and rescue minors.