We fight for a world without
the sexual exploitation of children.



In order to make a difference in the world, we must work together. At Free a Girl, we make this happen with the support of our sponsors, donors, partners, local rescue teams, and especially our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors play a crucial role in sharing our mission and raising awareness. Jessica Kahawaty, an entrepreneur, model, and human rights graduate, is actively assisting us in this mission.

Would you like to help her in spreading our mission and raising funds? If so, please make your donation through her personal page:

The School for Justice program, by Free a Girl, empowers survivors with legal, policing, and social work education to seek justice, ignite discussions, and foster lasting community change.

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The Our Daughters, Our Future campaign brought together a group of 70 dedicated women who joined forces to provide support for 50 survivors of child sexual exploitation. Through this united effort, our goal is to empower these survivors by enrolling them in the School for Justice program, enabling them to become catalysts for change within their communities. Although the campaign has concluded, donations are still welcomed and greatly appreciated.


No more fear, I’m ready to stand up and make a difference

– Jennifer (18)