Despite clear commitments in the international policy agenda and international law, the rights of children continue to be violated.Sexual exploitation of children (CSE) is a major problem that takes place in every country around the world.

Systemic change

Free a Girl works in countries with very complex legal systems. The laws, judiciary and civil service are slow to adapt, and procedures relating to child sexual exploitation are often bureaucratic and dysfunctional. There are countless problems to be solved in the legal system.

We want to move towards a world in which justice for victims of sexual exploitation is the norm. However, adapting a country’s legislation and civil service requires years of systemic change. Time and manpower are needed to bring about even small changes. Free a Girl recognizes the need for change. 

What does Free a Girl do?

1. We take a bottom up approach

Free a Girl helps as many survivors as possible within current legal frameworks. At the same time we work with other NGOs to improve the position of child survivors of sexual exploitation in the legal system. 

2. We have a dual focus

First, we offer legal assistance to bring offenders to trial (human traffickers or pimps). Second, we raise awareness among local police and the judiciary and get them talking about the problem.

Legal assistance 
In order to give all survivors access to justice, we provide legal advice, provide good lawyers, file charges, prepare court hearings, inform survivors and girls in high-risk areas about their rights and boost the mental resilience and strength of survivors.

Awareness-raising among local police and judiciary 
We share information about suspects with the police, lobby and advocate to improve legislation, and train the police and judiciary to investigate and fight child sexual exploitation. 

3. Special program: School for Justice

School for Justice is an award-winning program for survivors of sexual exploitation who become change agents. In the School for Justice program, survivors become human rights professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, prosecutors, journalists, counselors and police officers so they can change the system from the inside out.

Within Free a Girl’s School for Justice program survivors of sexual exploitation hone their skills in various professions, such as journalism, law and social work. The program offers them motivational and empowering activities, in addition to their educational path. Strengthened by their knowledge and determination, the students emerge as advocates and change agents to change systems from within and fight tirelessly against impunity and prevent sexual exploitation of young girls in similar situations. We see girls who lived in vulnerable situations transformed into change agents and powerful women who can make a difference in their society. Women fighting for their rights and those of their peers.