Rescues and research
Free a Girl works together with local partners around the world that rescue girls from sexual exploitation. Sometimes risking their own lives, our colleagues work daily to collect evidence by going undercover in brothels or conducting online investigations. Our rescue and research activities include our Smart Rescue Program and Online Scraping Program.

Access to justice
We stand up for the interests of minor victims of sexual exploitation. We want to ensure that survivors of sexual exploitation are given fair legal treatment and receive compensation and/or a conviction. We help survivors by aiding them in the legal process, trying to ensure a fair trial, and raising social awareness about their needs. We train local law enforcement to spot the signs of trafficking and provide training, lawyers and psycho-social aid for survivors.

Once the girls are rescued from the sex industry, they enter a long period of processing and healing. Free a Girl has an obligation to ensure that survivors of sexual exploitation receive shelter and care after they are rescued. Free a Girl aims to provide the best aftercare for victims of sexual exploitation, based on the principles of love, protection, safety, care and growth. As much as possible, we help survivors rehabilitation and reintegration into new lives.

Free a Girl has established two additional educational programs: School for Justice and Smart Rescue. Within these programs, survivors of sexual exploitation are empowered to change systems from the inside out. We also raise awareness locally, nationally and internationally of the problem of child trafficking and exploitation. This ranges from awareness campaigns in villages with Free a Girl’s watchdogs and change agents, to national campaigns in program countries or in the USc