Mission & vision

Mission: Free a Girl fights for a world free of child sexual exploitation by providing direct assistance to victims and addressing impunity.

Free a Girl’s core values

  • Action-oriented. We take action to prevent and fight the sexual exploitation of minors. We focus more on action, less on words.
  • Results-oriented. We are a professional organization with goals that we pursue. We also expect this from our partners.
  • We are open about our methods and operations. Figures, facts and activities are recorded each year in the annual report, which is published on the website.
  • Free a Girl USA is a small organization with global ambitions. We can react faster than other organizations and dare to tackle the problem in a progressive way.

Free a Girl rescues underage girls from sexual exploitation around the world. We have rescued more than 7,000 survivors to date. We help survivors achieve justice by tracking down perpetrators and addressing impunity. Once they have had time to heal, Free a Girl empowers the girls to become watchdogs and change agents in their communities. Our School for Justice program trains survivors to become the best lawyers, paralegals, police officers, social workers and journalists, to change the system from within.

Free a Girl has programs in several countries around the world, with core programs in Asia and South America.