School for Justice

To empower suvivors of sexual exploitation and help them become change agents who fight impunity and change the system from within, we educate these girls in our School for Justice.

School for Justice is an award-winning program for survivors of sexual exploitation who become change agents. In the School for Justice program, survivors become human rights professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, prosecutors, journalists, counselors and police officers so they can change the system from the inside out.


Change agents

The School for Justice change agents raise awareness on national and local platforms about the problem of sexual exploitation and play an active role in the fight and providing access to justice. We are seeing girls who had been living in vulnerable situations being transformed into change agents and powerful women who can make a difference in society. Women who fight for their rights and those of their peers. They are passionate to do so. 

Free a Girl runs its School for Justice programs in India, Nepal and Brazil.

Renuka, a student at the School for Justice Nepal, says:
‘Free a Girl helped me and I was able to go back to school. I am also staying at the School for Justice Shelter. I heard about the School for Justice and now want to continue my education without any suffering. I want to assist survivors of human trafficking and be the best laywer. I will educate the general public about sexual exploitation and human trafficking, and the legal consequences for criminals. I want to become the best lawyer there is.’

‘I want to make the world a better place’ – Gloria, Student at the School for Justice Brazil:
‘The School for Justice Brazil is a great opportunity and it will be really important for my personal development. Thanks to Free a Girl, I’ve already started several courses. Now I want to help make this world a better place. Becoming a lawyer or social worker will be the way to do this.’

‘I want to study law so I can become a lawyer to help speak out for girls like me’- Misa, School for Justice India:
‘It was hard for girls like me to dream. I had no dream when I left school. But now I’ve got the chance to dream again, thanks to the School for Justice India.’