In the past years we discovered that rescuing girls is not enough. After the girls have been rescued from prostitution, stigma can prevent them from returning home. We provide all the necessary medical care and long term trauma counseling in one of our shelters.

Many families who consider adoption cannot afford the staggering initial costs, and the journey of adoption can be isolating and difficult. Adoptive families need community, and they need help raising funds to bring their child home.

Free a Girl USA funds programs in the following countries: India, Nepal, Thailand, Brazil and Iraq.

Fighting impunity

So long as children are being exploited and don’t dare to report the crimes, Free a Girl USA won’t give up the fight. Nor will we stop until the perpetrators are punished systematically. In order to bring about lasting change, Free a Girl is therefore working with local project partners to fight impunity. Our activities include:

  • Providing legal support to victims when reporting crimes and during what are often difficult legal processes, so that the perpetrators can be prosecuted;
  • Informing survivors and girls in high-risk areas about their rights;
  • Boosting the mental resilience and strength of the victims;
  • Sharing information about suspects with the police;
  • Lobbying and advocacy to improve legislation;
  • Training the police and judiciary to investigate and fight child sexual exploitation.


Free a Girl USA supports activist organizations around the world that work tirelessly to rescue girls from situations of sexual exploitation. Our colleagues gather evidence on a daily basis, sometimes putting their own lives at risk, by going undercover in brothels or doing online research as cyber-security professionals. When enough evidence has been gathered, our rescue teams work with local police to break down the doors of the brothel, karaoke bar or dance club in order to rescue the girls. In the case of online research, the evidence is handed over to the police.


Every child who has been sexually exploited is traumatized by the horrors they have experienced. To achieve sustainable rescue results in the long term and tackle impunity, we must ensure that the victims end up in a safe situation. That’s why they are given acute medical care and psychological assistance to process their traumas and to prevent them from becoming victims again.