Give mothers back their daughters. And daughters back their freedom. 

All over the world, millions of children are missing. In India alone, a child disappears every eight minutes. Daughters torn away from their mothers and their family, taken to live in a nightmare. Worst and most likely scenario: kidnapped, trafficked, sexually exploited.

You can help us find these daughters. With your support, our teams head out into the streets, kick down doors and put exploiters behind bars.




With the Missing Girls campaign, we ask you to help us locate missing girls, rescue them and bring them back to their mothers.

Who are the missing girls?

All over the world, girls are kidnapped, trafficked and sexually exploited. Out of nowhere, on their way home or on the bus to school. Or they’re lured by so-called romeo pimps. With the promise of love and a bright future, they trick the girls and take them to a brothel. Human traffickers prey on vulnerable, often poor girls and offer them a well-paid job, only to kidnap and sell them. The girl’s family is left devastated, having no idea what happened to their daughter, sister or cousin.

The search

Free a Girl works together with local partners to track down the girls, find them and rescue them. As soon as a girl is reported missing, from the family, a helpline or the police, our team gets to work. We gather information, talk to the family and the community, visit the locations where the girl was last seen. Sometimes if a girl has just been taken, we manage to intercept her, but usually it’s too late. A search can take weeks, sometimes months. Human traffickers are devious and move the girls constantly from one place to another. Once we know for sure where the girl is located, our rescue team heads out to rescue the girl from her hell.

We need your support

Millions of girls are missing, and our teams


works hard to find them all. With your donations we can invest in more online research teams, teams of informatens and rescue teams. Prevention is another important element. With awareness campaigns and workshops, we give girls tools to protect themselves against romeo pimps and child traffickers. With your support, we can do everything we can to make sure missing girls are found and reunited with their families.


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