Nepal shares a border with India along its southern belt. A large group of SEC victims from Nepal, around 12.000 girls per year, are trafficked to India, with an increase of 500% in the last 5 years. Many of the girls we have intercepted over the last year were around 12-16 years old, but we also see them as young as 8 years old. India is a main destination for trafficking of young women and girls from Nepal. Our team in Nepal, has set up a Border Surveillance Team at 14 different points across the Indian-Nepali borders to identify potential trafficking cases and intercept the children at the border.  

Through this operation, Free a Girl will intercept such vulnerable girls who otherwise are highly likely to fall victim to sexual exploitation. Rescue and after care at shelter homes will give them a sense of safety where they can start to heal their trauma and get rehabilitated into society.  

Please join our fight and rescue these girls.

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